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Terms and Condition

We are strongly recommended to read the terms and condition carefully before signup the account.



Welcome to Chinobazaar.com. We hereby use chino as chinobazaar.com or us or community. Chino bazaar is an online shopping marketplace based on Pokhara. Our promise is to provide best quality, unique, trending and innovative, problem solving product with the excellence services. All these terms and condition, privacy are governing you/your and using of chino along with its site, services, blog and sub domain. To use the site, you have to accept these terms and condition. Your acceptance of terms and condition indicated that you are agreeing to the company terms and policies. Which helps to work effectively to serve you from this site? If you don't agree to accept these terms and condition, do not register with us or do not navigate our site. Do not worry all the information available from you will be secured on server.

Return Policy

We are committed to serve 100% genuine, quality, innovative & problem solving products. Our customer should be happy by using our product for that we will give our overall effort to make your shopping cheerful with us. Our product and services inspected before to serve you, if there is defect even though within system, please forgive us. Only inform us on our contact number we will liable to return any defect, damage product within same time by the same person as soon as possible.
Our policy lasts 30 days. If 30 days have gone by since your purchase, unfortunately we can’t offer you a refund or exchange.
If someone intend return and refund product without any defect, only intent to loss goodwill of company. We cannot refund and return any product as well based on the case, we will obligate to sue.
to be eligible for a return, your item must be unused and in the same condition that you received it. It must also be in the original packaging.
To complete your return, we require a receipt or proof of purchase.

Note: Only regular priced items may be refunded, unfortunately sale items cannot be refunded.



We are liable to exchange product if product is damaged, torn, loss, crack, tear, some part is missing, and otherwise we cannot. If customer complains, product size, color, is not match as per his order; we can take action based on customer problem.
If customer propose to exchange product to take another product or to exchange any product, shipping charge incurred as per the quantity and weight of product. But if we found, there is no intention of taking any product of customer, only to make fun towards us. At that situation, Company is obligate to impose 1% companion charge for that customer. We only replace items if they are defective or damaged. If you need to exchange it for the same item, Contact Us.



If customer uses Cash and e-Sewa payment method, we can refund within 3-4 business days in the case of COD payment for e-Sewa payment it may take 4-7 days based on the cases. If payment method is online, your refunded amount will be available within weeks. But the refunded product should be according to the terms and condition.


Payment and Communication system

You know, it is an online marketplace, by conducting all the transaction from the electronic may. In the virtual mall, you can see product photo with listed market price and chino price on site, marketplace price indicate that the product is available on market on give price but we give with the special offer and discount at the even in chino price at that time in the specified location by using any payment method as per your choice. You acknowledge that we are market facilitator our aim is to make online market more systematic, conveniences, with the excellence services.
Some product which is listed on site is our own product by taking exclusive right. We only listed product by inspection and verification by our team. After you selected you location and product we allowed making payment from cash, e-sewa and other electronic platform. In the business process contact of sales of product on the site shall be a strictly bipartite contact between you and sellers on site.


Website performance

We are contentiously working to provide grate error-free 24 services by ensuring secure, interrupted web services. Even though the nature of internet electronic atmosphere, we can't be guaranteed to product 100% error free services but try to our best. We have to update, repairs, maintain, change or remove some files or add the new facilities, services at that time we can't able to give prior notice about the web maintenances as a result there will be occasionally suspended or restricted but we ensure the duration will be short.


Authority to operate site

After accepting the terms and condition describe herein for the purpose of personal shopping as listed to be sold on site. You are legally binding as per the commercial act 2068. You should be at least 18 years of age to navigate it. In site third party is prohibited without our permitted in advance. All the information available on site is soles for informational purpose but the policies and terms condition is exists as per company and government policies. Product images, prices, stock availability, benefit, short description and description all those information are uploaded and operated by us.

You are not allowed to access the website data or modify the site or any part of website with your positive or negative intention. No one can download; copy its page or properties or trademark information without prior notification. Robots, data gathering, web scraping, spider launching is not allowed on our site.
If we found its trademark, proprietors' information and other company properties are used by other or anyone Chino will be obligate to sue at any time.

Your account can be closed or take specific the action at any time if you conduct the following activities;

·       a. Site used for illegal purpose.

·       b. Do not follow company terms and condition, guideline, policies described herein.

·       c. Try to hack seal the secure information, try the encrypted the electronic secure information, damage the data, system

·       d. Try to hack, send malicious or virus on the system.


Navigation on Your Community

AT the time of website navigation by you or your account, you are responsive for all you own activates conducted on the website so you must not participate in any illegal activities that could harm the site.


Accuracy Data

We are kindly request to provide accurate data (email, username, mobile number, address) at the time of sing in. Otherwise we can't serve any serves at the specified time. Thousands of product list for sales offered by multiple vendor on site with the numerous comment and review on web page. It is hard to be aware of the content of each product listed for sales, to give feedback about the review and comment of customer even though we will reply within a day.

If you found that any content on site is misleading, miss-presetting, political issues, offensive, illegal, harassing, abusive, discriminated, hearted, deceptive, objectionable, unethical, unsecure, against the Nepal sovereignty or relates to laundering or gambling, please inform us as soon as fast as possible support team we will solved it immediately.


Intellectual properties', Trademarks and copyrights

Intellectual properties is heart of company everyone should honor it. If we found the misused trademark, copyright or used it without our promise or without our authority. We will obligate to take action. Chino bazaar logo, name, jingle, banner, mark and other symbol which represent the company are register on the trademark and Register Company is the company properties so everyone should use it for the right way for the right purpose.
If we found that mislead, confuse, misplaced, cheat apply by any one by making duplicated logo, page, graphics, template, name, symbol, mark and other properties, content will participants in punishment. So may not be used in join with any product and services which belong to us.


Contact of Sales and purchase

The contact of sales and purchase is happened between customer and seller to buy a particular product or services placed or displayed on site. To purchase product. You have to place an order, after that we will conform you deliver location, your order will be protected and check you status then after you will received you order conformation email on your mail with the detail information about the product.
The acceptance of your order is to consider you order is confirmed and protected. Product will be dispatched within the specified as per the description.

Approximate timeline will take to processing the product on hand. We are commitment to serve within the prescribe time. Contractual terms, law and condition will be applicable conduct by you and wit seller or agree between you and seller respectively. Chino does not have any control or does not determine or advice or in any way to solved it by involve itself on such contractual terms and condition. In case of cancellation of return via SMS, call are applied you have to use our website. Your payment mad in case of cancellation shall be refunded to your within a week.


Product Pricing, Stock Availability and order

The entire product listed on site are available in Nepalese rupee inclusive VAT. Which are listed by us as well as seller to sales from it is check and verified? To make shopping, you can place you product on Wish list but if you are not able to make purchase or placed order before added on wish list by other. You will lose you product we can't able to help you. Site will give priority towards the order. For the purchase conformation you have the order as soon as fast as possible. When you order the product if you are lucky you will get the coupon code offer so when you placed your product on order. You can observe that price will be different. It is also possible that an item's price may differ between the time you place it in your cart and the time you purchase conformation. You have to confirm that product and services order from this site by you or your representative only for the personal consumption or use not for the commercial purpose.

We assure that all the available information, product image, price, description and provide will be accurate and update daily so it will be most relevant and trending. Price comparing facility with the international website is also found on our site. But we can't be more specific about availability about the stock. If the product is not available on stock by any case we will notify you with the some order hour.



To visit our site, you have to sign-in on chino. When you make purchase for our site. Software sent order conformation email. If you have any queries you can contact us by going on Contact us page but you have to give your email, phone number, name. We hope your problem will be closed soon. On the other hand the event which is beyond our control that arias delay, failure, uncollected with the particular reason, we will not responsible for it.


Termination of business transaction

In the legal business process, if you did not follow the terms and condition or revoke any or all of you right granted under policies, business transaction will immediately terminate. Similarly immediately revoke all passwords and account authenticates or identification issued to you and denies your access to and used of this site.
Termination of agreement will be applicable before the date of termination in that situation otherwise will be applicable at the time of termination date. We are not liable for the any activities as a result of being terminated or being suspension. Goods are delivering for you specified purpose, if the specified purpose is accomplished. But it is to be noted that if goods are bailed for specified purposed and period of time as well, the contract along with the expired of time whether the purpose is fulfilled or not, time prevails the purpose.



All the symbol, graphics, trademark that appear on site are the properties of chino bazaar, all those content on sit are protected by copyright as collective work under Nepal copyright law. You are solely responsible for you own activities that you done by accessing our site or you can do any activities at your own risk. We hope you will use use it for the right purpose. If the seller offers any business opportunities without our concern or offer which is beyond the site is not application for claim with us.

We are market management site. It express disclaim guarantee, warranties in respect of suitability, product performance, safety, reliability, durability, accuracy, merchantability, quality, timeliness, fitness of particular goods, condition implied by custom or usage of trade, contingent goods, lawful and legality of goods showed or displayed on site. We sales the product by displayed on site visit with us nor shall chino have any obligation in respect of any transaction on site because it is not implicitly or explicitly endorse purchase and sales of product.

We have services partner at their action or inaction we will not be responsible or liable of their services like, payment provides, merchant warranties among other.
Chino bazaar is a private limited company and reserves the right to conduct the business to achieve our objectives. You know that if you breach the terms and condition explained here and we will obligate to take any action at any time without prior notification.